CHEK Light Up: 10 photos of Christmas displays, submitted by CHEK viewers – Dec. 5

CHEK Light Up: 10 photos of Christmas displays, submitted by CHEK viewers – Dec. 5

The holiday season has arrived in full force and amid the ongoing global pandemic, Vancouver Islanders have been seemingly more eager than ever to piece together bigger and brighter Christmas displays this season.

As a way to share some of the picturesque displays from around Vancouver Island and spread the holiday cheer, we’ve reached out to our CHEK viewer community and rounded up a collection of holiday-themed photos!

Introducing the 2020 CHEK Light Up collection.

In a year where residents are limiting their non-essential travel and not visiting different locations to take in the dazzling lights, let us bring the illumination to you virtually.

CHEK will be looking to feature photographs of light displays on a routine basis on both our website and our broadcast. The photographs below have been submitted to CHEK News by viewers.

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E-mail [email protected] with your name and location for a chance to be featured in the future.

Darcy Nowell – Youbou

It’s not PET CHEK, but we’ve been getting a lot of Christmas display photos featuring your pets. Here’s the first of 10 Christmas display photos, most of which feature pets, submitted by CHEK viewers. Starting things off today is this photo from Darcy Nowell, featuring her daughter, Madison and her purrfect pal, Tucker.

Sonja van Velzen

We started off with a photo of a cat, so it was only right that the next photo features a dog. This is Cleo, looking beautiful in front of the Van Velzen’s Christmas tree. Note: Cleo and his bandana would fit perfectly in the photo above this one!

Knight family – Colwood

The Knight family spent hours putting together this incredible display, which can be found in Colwood. Filled with inflatables, it took over a month to put together and the family says they hope it brings people joy this holiday season. We think it’s safe to say that this one definitely brings us some joy!

Sam & Loreen Topping

Cally, the cat, loves spending time under the Christmas tree … and with the way that tree skirt looks, what cat wouldn’t?

Tony & Tracy Guarascio

There might be Christmas gifts under the tree, but there are also two beautiful dogs, Simba and Eden.

Norma Jee

No cats, no dogs, no humans under the tree in this photo. Instead, we’re showing you one very beautiful Christmas tree submitted by CHEK viewer Norma Jee.

Mike Jones

If it fits, this cat sits, or in this case, climbs. No word how the tree is doing, but the cat looks perfectly fine.

Sue & Shawn Fehr – Colwood

Here’s another cool Christmas light display in Colwood. The Fehr’s say the theme of their display is called “Christmas barfed on the house” which seems fitting, although it looks like it got the house and a good chunk of their lawn.

Liz & George – Nanoose Bay

When your Christmas display includes CHEK News, you’re doing it right.

Gary Russell – Delta

We showed a bunch of pets with their Christmas displays, and we got plenty more of them, but we show them all. So we’re ending today’s photos with this one from Gary all the way in Delta. It’s said, somewhere, that once in awhile, Santa enjoys the occasional boat ride.



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