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Cookin on the Coast: Saturdays at 6:30pm

Cookin’ on the Coast is a half hour series featuring delectable west coast dishes created by Executive Chef Garrett Schack. In studio, Chef Garrett will reveal cooking details and a few secrets on how to prepare wonderful west coast cuisine with flare. Between preparations we hit the road for a behind the scenes taste of some great street food, BBQ or even pay a visit to some special guest chefs. Cookin’ on the Coast ends with a beverage pairing that may surprise you. Craft brews, local wines or crazy cocktails are presented to compliment the cuisine of the day. Watch Cookin’ on the Coast and have some fun and savour the flavour.

Cookin' on the Coast - Season 1Cookin' on the Coast - Season 2Cookin' on the Coast - Season 3Cookin' on the Coast - Season 4Cookin' on the Coast - Season 5Cookin' on the Coast - Season 6

Vista 18 West Coast Grill and Wine Bar