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Rob Germain
General Manager
Phone: (250) 480-3702
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Key Strengths of Television
  • Television has the highest daily and weekly reach of any medium in Canada.
  • Television can deliver narrow target audiences through placement of commercials in selected programs.
  • Television is the main source for news, sports, entertainment and general knowledge.
  • Television is cost efficient for most target groups.
  • Television has an aura of importance. It is a prestigious medium, enhancing the advertisers’ image by its use.
  • Television appeals to more of the consumers’ senses than any other medium.
  • Television gets closer to one-to-one communication than any other mass medium.
  • With television, a powerful, emotional impact can be created.
  • Television can create high impact with viewers by offering dynamic and visual messages.

David Nicholson, Queensbury Securities
“In more than 27 years of sales and/or marketing promotions, we’ve never experienced results like we have with CHEK. Within days of the first airing we booked appointments with interested parties. We’re looking forward to our advertising continuing over the next year and beyond.”