CHEK Media has a 1000 square foot studio with an 18 foot wide pre-lit digital coved green screen, 60 foot black curtain, white seamless, 13 foot high lighting grid with 50 programmable overhead tungsten & fluorescent lights. Optional black studio tile flooring is available. Make up & dressing room facilities are included. Easy load in and out.


  • Dry studio – $600/day, $300/half day, $75/hr.
  • Pre-lit studio – $1,000/day, $500/half day, $125/hr
  • Custom lighting available upon request
  • Black studio tile pricing per request


Gear Rentals:

Inquire for pricing on: 8′ mini jib arm on wheels, iPad Teleprompter, Cineslider, assorted small lighting packages (Arri, Ianero, kinoflo,etc), Canon DSLR camera bodies and lenses, microphones and audio accessories.