CHEK Light Up: 10 Christmas display photos on Vancouver Island sent from our viewers – Nov. 29

CHEK Light Up: 10 Christmas display photos on Vancouver Island sent from our viewers - Nov. 29

The holiday season has arrived in full force and amid the ongoing global pandemic, Vancouver Islanders have been seemingly more eager than ever to piece together bigger and brighter Christmas displays this season.

As a way to share some of the picturesque displays from around Vancouver Island and spread the holiday cheer, we’ve reached out to our CHEK viewer community and rounded up a collection of holiday-themed photos!

Introducing the 2020 CHEK Light Up collection.

In a year where residents are limiting their non-essential travel and not visiting different locations to take in the dazzling lights, let us bring the illumination to you virtually.

CHEK will be looking to feature photographs of light displays on a routine basis on both our website and our broadcast. The photographs below have been submitted to CHEK News by viewers.

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E-mail [email protected] with your name and location for a chance to be featured in the future.

Christeen Richards & Lane Crockett

Kicking off this edition of CHEK Light Up with this beautiful light display by Christeen Richards and Lane Crockett.

Dave Levasseur – Port Alberni

If you love bears, this is the Christmas tree for you.

Connie Mikuse

A cat in a hat and the Grinch together. Dr. Seuss would certainly approve of this Christmas combination.

David Grandmaison – Sidney

Oui, oui. This light-up display of Paris’ famous Eiffel Tower is fantastic!

Janine & Ryan

If your Christmas display includes Bobble Ed, then you’re doing it right!

Stephanie Winters – Port Renfrew

Another beautiful light display, this time by Stephanie Winters in Port Renfrew. This one really brightens up the neighbourhood!

Michelle Eicher

Santa will really enjoy placing gifts under this beautiful Christmas tree by Michelle Eicher.

The Beames family – Cumberland

From Minions to Mickey and Minnie, this light display has it all.

Kate Coull – Mill Bay

This street in Mill Bay really showing its Christmas spirit with all those light displays. The moon only adds to this photo’s charm!

Gary & Janet Walsh – Sidney

The candy cane lights and the inflatable snowman really make this display pop.


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