Crystal Pool closed due to snow dump, City of Victoria works to clear roads and sidewalks

Crystal Pool closed due to snow dump, City of Victoria works to clear roads and sidewalks
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The City of Victoria says crews are working hard to handle the heavy heap of snow that fell on Friday night.

When the cold temperatures were anticipated, city crews began to brine roads to prevent icy conditions, but when the snow starts to stick, crews begin clearing “first priority” roads, such as emergency routes, hills, and bridge decks.

The city also clears “first priority” sidewalks which including downtown transit stops, wheelchair ramps, and sidewalks fronting City properties downtown.

After first priority routes are addressed, the city says crews work to remove ice and snow from second and third priority roads and sidewalks.

Protected bike lanes are cleared to reduce black ice later that can become a hazard at intersecting crosswalks and transit stops.

The city says crews were out all night salting and clearing pavement, and says they’ll start on residential roads as soon as they can, but have given no timeline as to when.

Due to the snow, the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre is closed all of Saturday, and an update will be posted at 7 a.m. on Sunday if it will reopen.

The city says all parkades in Victoria are free today, and that Saturday’s Garden Waste Drop-Off at the Public Works Yard will be closed, and is expected to re-open on Saturday, February 20.

The City reminds residents that residents are required to clear snow and ice from sidewalks in front of their property by 10 a.m. each day, but says to make sure the snow is not shovelled onto city sidewalks or streets.

Residents with garbage pick-up on days when it is snowing are also asked to keep pathways clear or put their bins on the curb.

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