Canadian Tire staff in Langford ‘pull out all the stops’ to help scared dog

Canadian Tire staff in Langford 'pull out all the stops' to help scared dog
Dave Pedersen
The scared dog refused to walk on the white tile, and the Canadian Tire Staff came up with a solution.

Shoppers in the Canadian Tire in Langford were treated to a heartwarming act of kindness on Thursday when the store staff pulled out all the stops for a scared dog — literally.

Dave Pedersen was shopping at the store and heading to the till, ready to pay for his haul, when he saw a dog and its owner stopped near the exit.

According to Pedersen, the pup was terrified of the tile flooring and refused to move off the carpeted mat.

That’s when the staff came to the rescue, carpets in hand.

“This poor dog was scared of the tile floor so the staff moved him a few feet at a time with mats,” Pedersen told CHEK News.

The staff rolled out the red — technically grey and black — carpet for the dog, slowly inching him towards the doors by laying out mats, one in front of the other, so he could hop onto the next without touching the treacherous tile.

“I would say they were at it for about 20 minutes based on how scared the poor guy was. The staff was so patient and sweet,” noted Pedersen.

“It made my day amongst all that is happening to see the staff help out.”

Eventually, the patient pup made it out of the Canadian Tire, grateful for the help from the workers, and Langford residents got to see a moment of kindness on a stormy day.

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