A mister no more: Mr. Potato Head becomes gender-neutral

A mister no more: Mr. Potato Head becomes gender-neutral
Mr. Potato Head will soon become 'Potato Head' as it becomes gender-neutral

Mr. Potato Head is no longer a mister.

Hasbro, the company that makes the potato-shaped plastic toy, says the spud will soon be gender-neutral and given a new name: Potato Head.

The change will appear on boxes this year.

Mr. Potato Head has been a supporting character in numerous Toy Story films, produced by Pixar Animation Studios. There is no word yet on the potato toy’s role if any more Toy Story films are to be released.

This popular toy isn’t the only thing to transform in recent years. Toymakers have been updating their classic brands to become more diverse and appeal to kids today.

Barbie has shed its classic blonde image and now comes in multiple skin tones and body shapes. Thomas the Tank Engine added more girl characters and American Girl is now selling a boy doll.

Hasbro said Mr. Potato Head, which has been around for about 70 years, needed a modern makeover.

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