Victoria mayor decries vandalism spree, head removed from Queen Elizabeth II bust

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Watch Victoria police are investigating after a rash of vandalism in beacon hill park, overnight. The damage includes graffiti and the beheading of a statue of the queen. Ben Nesbit has details.

The head from a bust statue of Queen Elizabeth II, located in Beacon Hill Park, has been spotted missing.

CHEK News discovered the statue of Her Majesty to be headless on Wednesday.

According to the City of Victoria, officials are aware of the missing head and it is currently being investigated.

Mayor Lisa Helps says that defacing public property is “completely unacceptable,” as the City works to learn more about the vandalism.

“It’s unacceptable, whether it’s the beheading of a statue or writing on the wall or etching of glass or anything it’s just completely unacceptable and it’s completely unnecessary,” said Helps.

Victoria Police chief Del Manak told CHEK News that any time there is vandalism in the city, it’s not good, calling the latest rash unacceptable.

“Any type of vandalism is unfortunate. We have beautiful parks in the City of Victoria here and it’s really really important that we all work together to protect these green spaces,” he said.
“It’s unacceptable, clearly it is unacceptable to turn to vandalism to express your views,” he said.
The city confirmed the missing head on the same day that multiple messages involving Beacon Hill Park were discovered spray-painted throughout Victoria.
VicPD, meanwhile, issued a press release Wednesday afternoon saying they could not confirm whether the headless statue and the rash of graffiti are related but said they are investigating the matter.
The statue, now surrounded by shrubbery, was erected in commemoration of the royal visit back in 1959.

Below is an image of what the statue looked like before.

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Photo courtesy of Kevstan via the Creative Commons

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