You’re invited to the first ever #YYJPajamaParty

You're invited to the first ever #YYJPajamaParty

“We have around three thousand kids in Victoria that live below the poverty level,” says Kathy Stolle.

Stolle is on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Breakfast2Music, created because of the concern that many of these children are going to school every morning hungry.

“So what we want to do is ensure that as many children as possible have that opportunity to access nutritious food,” says Stolle.

Because a hungry child can’t focus on learning.

“They have to be able to focus,” says Stolle.  “It helps their concentration, it helps their development overall.  If a kid can’t focus, how is he going to learn?”

Always looking for innovative ways to raise money for Breakfast2Music, the charity has organized the first-ever YYJ Pajama Party.

“We’re co-hosting this YYJ Pajama Party” says Rebecca Wellman, “Which is a city-wide pajama party where folks can go out for lunch at 14 participating restaurants, and those restaurants are going to donate partial proceeds to the foundation.”

Wellman is the author of “First We Brunch”.

“The book showcases the brunch spots in Victoria that we’ve known and loved and have been around for a long time, or some that are new, and the chefs, and the stories…”

Wellman jumped at the chance to help with this fundraiser.

“I’ve been a food photographer in Victoria for over 11 years, so I’ve got relationships with a lot of these people.”

The YYJ Pajama Party is Sunday, September 23.  Fourteen Victoria restaurants will commit 25 percent of their brunch profits to Breakfast2Music.  Organizers hope to raise $10,000.

One of the participating restaurants is Northern Quarter on Douglas Street.  “It seems strange that we need to have events like this” says Benji Coey, co-owner of the restaurant, “but the fact that we are, and the fact that [Northern Quarter] can be involved to help with it is really important.  So we’re glad to be involved.”

Along with restaurants offering proceeds from brunch on the 23rd, there is also live music and pancakes for families on the lawns of Government House from noon until 2 pm.

“It’s a free event” says Wellman, “so families can just sit on the lawn, enjoy the music, and they can donate online.”

Wellman hopes there will be a big turnout for this event.  “There’s so much that we could easily donate to in the world, but this is happening in our own backyard.  It’s important.  It’s something that we can actually do something about, these kids that are going to school hungry.”

And Stolle wants to emphasize that every cent of all donations raised “will go for food for these kids.  Kids that need it desperately.”

Click here to make a donation to Breakfast2Music.

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