Wildlife rescuers brace for ‘baby boom’ in Comox Valley

Wildlife rescuers brace for 'baby boom' in Comox Valley

WATCH: Island wildlife rescuers are bracing for a flood of babies, as their “May Day” arrives. Every year, May 1 signals the start of baby season at Mountainaire Avian Rescue in the Comox Valley when boxes of baby birds and animals found injured or abandoned begin arriving on their doorstep.

Still teetering on her legs, but getting a little better every day, is “Charlie”, the young raccoon recovering after being found in the jaws of a dog with the help of Comox Valley wildlife rescuers

“She is using both of her front feet now,” said Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society’s Reg Westcott.

Across the lawns of Mountainaire’s Merville rehab centre, a curious little mink is also being nursed back to health after a similar near-fatal encounter with a dog that left it without the use of its back legs until recently.

“It’s a really great feeling, you really want them to get back to their own true nature,” said MARS wildlife worker Coral Taylor.

“So we’re very happy with that,” said Westcott.

These animals are now nearing release back to the wild, but their rooms will soon be filled with new arrivals. Some so tiny they will be fed with eyedroppers and the tips of paintbrushes.

Rescuers are bracing for May 1, or “May Day” as they call it when a flood of injured newly born babies begin to be brought in. Some are injured, sometimes abandoned, but all are in need of help in a hurry.

“There is excitement, tension because we know our workload will go through the roof,” said Westcott.

To help, wildlife rescuers urge Island residents to keep their dogs on leashes where they know wild animals are living. If people come across a baby that appears to be abandoned, Wescott suggests waiting before taking it, as mothers often come back.

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