Langford middle school decorates bathroom walls to help students feel better


WATCH: School bathroom walls aren’t usually associated with positive messages but students at one middle school in Langford are trying to transform that wall space into something a little more inspirational. Luisa Alvarez went to have a look.

Usually, bathroom walls in schools are home to graffiti and bad words. But not at Spencer Middle School in Langford. Now when you walk in, you’re greeted with positive messages all around and posters inside the stalls made by the students themselves.

“I feel like it kind of shows people that words do stick with people and don’t just slide right off,” said Emily Alexander, whose poster was chosen to be displayed promotes a message of anti-bullying.

So whether its an inspirational quote on the wall or a lesson to be learned, the point is to inspire instead of put-down.

“Sometimes the bathroom is the only place that they can go to have some peace and quiet or to chill down and settle down so if there is some positivity in that space that they feel safe in or alone in then maybe it can help them,”  said Education Assistant Denene Clark.

The initiative began when Education Assistant Sandy Cadar was asked to decorate some bulletins in the hallway promoting inclusion and confidence. There was so much fun with decorating she said the idea quickly spread, even to the boy’s bathroom.

“Middle school is a really difficult time it’s a tough age there’s a lot of peer pressure and things going on so we just wanted them to feel comfortable and feel good about coming to school,” said Cadar.

So the walls went from plain and vandalized to bright and inspirational and according to the students, it’s a welcomed change.

?Just to see all the positive stuff it definitely especially if you are having a bad day it definitely lifts your spirits and makes you feel a lot better,” said Trinity Dentoom.

Mackenzie Hancock, who tied with Alexander for first place in the poster contest, says she feels proud her art was chosen and feels decorating the bathrooms has made people stop vandalizing them.

“It’s so much better. There are fewer people drawing graffiti now. I think people are more focused on the positive stuff that they put up on the walls,” said Hancock.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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