‘When they told me, I cried:’ 84-year old upset after Victoria General Hospital misplaces wedding rings of late wife

'When they told me, I cried:' 84-year old upset after Victoria General Hospital misplaces wedding rings of late wife

A priceless item of love is what Fred Schmidt is hoping to get back from Victoria General Hospital.

The 84-year-old man just lost his wife, Marion. After 57 years of marriage, a severe case of pneumonia ended her life.

But when Schmidt went to pick up her engagement and wedding ring, health officials told him there was no record of the rings.

They were nowhere to be found.

“When they finally told me, I went out and cried,” says Schmidt.

“I couldn’t contain myself. It represented the tangible 57 years of our married life.”

Back in 1960, Fred met Marion at a church while on holidays. As she walked across the room, she caught his eye.

The rest is history. They married at the age of 26.

But without any kids, Marion was Fred’s closest companion.

Discouraged, he turned to his friend and former pastor, Tim Davis.

“He’s not getting any answers about what’s going on or why he can’t get them back or where they are or who’s calling who,” says Davis.

While the ring isn’t expensive, the Schmidt says the sentimental value is priceless.

“All I want is not excuses, I want someone to be held responsible for what happened,” he says.

“So far it’s been an impossibility.”

But the hospital says they’re on the case.

“We, unfortunately, do misplace belongings from time to time,” says Jon Schmid, clinical operations director of Victoria General Hospital.

“We’re very sorry for the situation at hand today and we’re currently in an active phase to find the belongings.”

Schmidt says his faith has played a big part in grieving.

“God tells me I am with you always,” says the man with a smile.

“That sustains me and helps me. It’s not easy, but I found out it works.”

Now, the senior will continue waiting, in hopes that the ringing of a phone will mean the return of his love’s most precious possession.

Aaron GuillenAaron Guillen

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