Vital People: Garth Homer Society supports adults with developmental disabilities



Founded in 1977, the Garth Homer Society has been supporting adults with developmental disabilities for more than four decades.

One of the many ways the society helps is by finding work for those who want a job.

“The Employment Services Program at Garth Homer has been operating for over 20 years now,” says Geoffrey Ewert, director of earning and Employment Services for the Society.

“We support adults with developmental difficulties to find meaningful, gainful employment out in the community, and we work with local businesses to hire, and to be inclusive employers.

Ewert says the society has a roster of just over 70 individuals that they find employment for.

“Most of those individuals have some form of employment, but we’re always working with people if they want to find more jobs, if they want to get more hours, or if they want to transition to another area of work.  And so we’re always there working with them, making sure that we give them the tools to help them be successful.”

Thrifty Foods employee Oliver Korsch found his job in 2019 with the help of the society.

“It’s been really great working for them, but you know, I’m sitting here going, I can’t believe I’m working during this pandemic, you know?” he said.

“I’m really proud of myself for working through this pandemic. I’m sure that everybody’s kind of eagerly waiting for the day that we say ‘oh, you can take off your mask now’.”

Learn more about the Garth Homer Society’s Employment Services Program here.

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