Victoria’s most highly ticketed parking spots in 2016

Victoria's most highly ticketed parking spots in 2016

WATCH: Drivers may want to be extra cautious if they choose to park in one of Victoria’s most highly ticketed parking spots. Ceilidh Millar reports. 

Finding parking in Victoria’s busy downtown core is an ongoing issue for drivers. 

“I had to drive around the block six times in order to find a spot,” explained one frustrated driver. 

“I have a van and it’s almost impossible to park,” said another. 

Some drivers may want to avoid Victoria’s most highly ticketed areas, where more than 660 tickets were issued at five spots in 2016. 

158 tickets were issued at parking spot #5709 in the 700 block of Fisgard Street. 

157 tickets were given out at parking spot #3807 in the 700 block of Yates Street. 

142 tickets were issued at parking spot #2630 in the 600 block of View Street. 

All of these locations are designated for small vehicles, according to the report from the City. 

“In some cases, there’s a bit of leftover that’s too small to be safely used for a normal sized vehicle,” explained Fraser Work, director of engineering and public works for the City of Victoria. “It’s only appropriate for a 3.5 metre or smaller [vehicle.]” 

Even larger spots, like parking spot #4006 in the 1400 block of Store Street, there were 103 tickets issued last year. 

Ian Appleton, owner of The Cobbler on View St., says parking is deterring people from travelling downtown. 

“People are parking in front of entrances to buildings,” said Appleton. “They’re parking all over because there’s nowhere else for them to go.”

In previous years, the City says they’ve used these statistics to reconfigure parking spots. 

“We’re always looking for spots to reconfigure that serve the biggest need,” explained Work. 


Ceilidh MillarCeilidh Millar

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