Summer break is over for teachers as they prep for back to school

Summer break is over for teachers as they prep for back to school

WATCH: Summer break is already over for school teachers and they’re getting ready to welcome back students next week. It can a nerve-wracking time, even for those who’ve been through it for years and especially for those living the experience for the very first time. Luisa Alvarez reports.

For Ecole John Stubbs Memorial first grade teacher Betsy Clarke, summer break is over. Now she’s hard at work sorting, brainstorming and feeling out her new classroom before students return.

“Setting up thinking about where the centers will be and where the work areas will be it’s really fun,” said Clarke.

“I like to have the room set up I like to have my plans arranged so, I’m really ready when they walk in the door.”

She’s been teaching for over twenty years, six in the Sooke School District and she says it really about getting to know what her students are interested in.

“I rely on what I’ve done in the past but the people in front of you change and you want to follow what their interested in so every year is very different it’s never boring,” said Clarke.

Also at Ecole John Stubbs Memorial Olivier Emery has also been busy.

“I’ve been here for the last week and a half just prepping and getting some lesson plans ready a little bit of cleaning and sharpening,” said Emery.

It’s his first year in a classroom. Emery is a former red seal carpenter now turned middle school shop teacher.

” Carpentry was great, building houses was awesome but if I can make a positive change or help some students out in any way I can I’m going to go home happy,” said Emery.

For the first time teacher, veteran Clarke has some advice,

“Don’t take yourself too seriously. At the end of the day reflect on what you did really well, what you would change but enjoy the beginning it’s a great time,” said Clarke.

Emery says he’s got a pretty good idea at how he’s going to do that.

“I’m really going to try humour and be a goof basically because like I said its an exploratory and it should be fun in here,” said Emery.

With just days before classes start, there are just a few things left to do in the shop before its Emery’s first day of class too.

“I’m really excited just to meet them and learn from them as well because I think they are going to teach me a lot more than I think,” said Emery.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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