Sign of the times: Vic West welcome sign replaced

Sign of the times: Vic West welcome sign replaced
What's old has now become new. The long-standing wooden Vic West sign (left) has been replaced with a metal counterpart.

Drivers on the Bay Street Bridge will notice a new sign welcoming them into Vic West.

Gone is the old wooden installation, replaced last week by a steel and concrete sign paid for and installed by developer Lefevre and Company.

It reads “Welcome to Vic West” but some passersby don’t feel the warmth of its wooden predecessor.

“With the old wooden sign you felt the heritage of the island’s lumber industry, but this one shows Victoria’s growing up,” says Vic West resident Todd Harmer.

Victoria Coun. Jeremy Caradonna is the liaison for Vic West and credits the city’s agreement with Lefevre and Company for improvements to the areas around the Railyards development.

“Our city staff does a tremendous job negotiating these deals. The developer is adding several new amenities to the area, and that includes the sign. There’s also going to be a better walking and cycling connector down to the Galloping Goose,” he said.

Caradonna adds Lefevre and Company has also committed to the construction of a kids’ playground.

The slate grey and blue sign will be lit up at night and will be highly visible to drivers on the west side of the Bay Street Bridge.

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