Rifflandia Festival launches on-site cannabis delivery ‘Splifflandia’ as alcohol sales wane


Rifflandia says it’s “breaking the grass ceiling” as it rolls out on-site cannabis delivery, on festival grounds, in time for this year’s live-music events in Victoria.

Organizers say a designated delivery point, dubbed “Spifflandia,” is a joint venture with a Health Canada-certified retailer, and will solidify the festival as one of Canada’s first music events to deliver cannabis “on-site and in real-time.”

They say cannabis orders can be placed in advance, through an online ordering system, or in real-time “and will have a similar use experience to pre-ordering a cup of coffee.”

The online system should launch Wednesday and be accessed via the Rifflandia.com website, a spokesperson tells CHEK News.

Rifflandia in a news release says the new delivery service is available only to attendees 19 years and older, and “strict age verification and security processes will help to provide a safe and traceable supply to those who are of legal age.”

Rifflandia director and co-founder Nick Blasko says there will be a limited menu of edibles, cannabis drinks and smokable products. He says people must abide by all local bylaws.

“If you’re purchasing combustibles, you’re limited to the smoking areas like everybody else,” said Blasko. “If you’re purchasing the edibles, that’s at your own discretion.”

Alcohol sales down

The service was revealed in an Instagram post with the caption, “Hey Buds, we’ve got some DOPE NEWS!!”

According to organizers, at live events alcohol sales are on the decline and cannabis use is on the rise. They point to a 2022 study, last updated on Aug. 16, 2023, which found 37 per cent of festival attendees use cannabis.

“…it’s vitally important that festivals such as Rifflandia are given a clear and legal pathway to monetize the sales of cannabis products at their events,” they say.

Cannabis was legalized in B.C. for recreational use in 2018, and now Rifflandia organizers are asking festivalgoers “to leave their stash at home” and utilize on-site delivery.

The festival spans two weekends, Sept. 7-9 and 15-17, at two venues including “Electric Avenue” at the Capital Iron parking lot along Store Street, and “The Park” at Royal Athletic Park. Diplo, Iggy Pop, Salt-N-Pepa, Paris Hilton and more are scheduled to perform, and tickets are on sale now.


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