Reaction continues after Agropur milk recall

Reaction continues after Agropur milk recall

Authorities are continuing to say very little five days after Agropur issued its massive milk recall. Calvin To has more on the ongoing fallout.

Five days after Agropur recalled thousands of jugs of milk distributed to stores in British Columbia on June 15, authorities are continuing to say very little.

RCMP did not have an update on their investigation on  Tuesday.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency could not comment on whether this recall is related to the June 12 recall of Foremost brand milk sold in B.C.

In an email to CHEK News, the agency said that “it is unknown at this time whether there is a link between these two recalls, as the investigation is ongoing.”

The lack of information has left many questions unanswered.

“In the first case [the Foremost recall], I suspect that was more of an operating error where they found some pieces of metal from machinery, but this one [Agropur] is a bit more sinister,” Keith Warriner, a food safety professor at the University of Guelph, said. 

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Meanwhile, public reaction is continuing.

Some people against the use of animal products are hoping this incident will help their cause.

“It’s an opportunity for us to draw attention back to the many negative consequences of dairy, but in no way do we want people to get sick from consuming these products,” Jordan Reichert, who runs the Vancouver Island Vegan Association, said.

Reichert says he does not believe an animal advocate would endanger the public in order to promote veganism.

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“Compromising the health of people is not the way to go about promoting dairy alternatives, and we hold ourselves to a higher standard than that,” Reichert said.

While the recall is causing apprehension in some consumers, some say it is not a reason to switch to dairy alternatives.

“That could really happen in anything, to be fair. You could find it in your soy milk or your almond milk or it could be in your cow’s milk,” Dave Shishkoff, editor of, said. 

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