Police warn of marijuana candies handed out in James Bay on Halloween

Police warn of marijuana candies handed out in James Bay on Halloween

Parents are being advised to double-check their children’s candy after marijuana gummies were handed out in James Bay on Halloween, police said.

Police responded to the 100-block of Simcoe Street around 8 p.m. after parents discovered a package of marijuana gummies in their children’s Halloween candy from trick-or-treating. The parents examined the gummies after their children said they had received a protein bar and peanuts from the same residence.

The parents called the police and handed the gummies over to officers.

Police went to the residence the parents believed the gummies had come from shortly after and spoke with the individual. They advised the individual to turn off their porch lights and to stop handing out candy.

VicPD do not know at this time how many families are affected and warn that consumption of the candy can be harmful. Police say the individual was not acting maliciously and was not aware of Halloween and safety. They also said the person might not have been aware of what was being handed out.

No charges are being laid, police said.

Police say if anything out of the ordinary is found, people can call them at 250-995-7654. The City of Victoria has sent out an emergency notification reminding parents in James Bay to check their kids Halloween candy for marijuana gummies.

Julian KolsutJulian Kolsut

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