Old-growth logging protesters planning Friday disruptions along Trans-Canada Highway in Nanaimo, Victoria

Old-growth logging protesters planning Friday disruptions along Trans-Canada Highway in Nanaimo, Victoria

For the second time in under a week, old-growth logging protestors are planning to block the Trans-Canada Highway in both Victoria and Nanaimo in an effort to halt logging practices occurring in British Columbia.

The demonstration is to be held in the two cities on Friday, by a group ‘Save Old Growth’ — a direct action group that is calling on the BC government to end old-growth logging.

The group says that 18 arrests have been made this week already at various protests, including one in front of Mayfair Mall that resulted in three people being taken into custody by Victoria Police.

In Nanaimo, protestors are expected along Highway 1 at the intersection of Cranberry Avenue, while in Victoria, the exact time and location is unclear.

The group says it plans on continuing to escalate disruptions until the government passes legislation to immediately end all old-growth logging in the province.

“This is on the government, our collective future is being destroyed before our very eyes. As soon as the government passes legislation we will be off the highways. Until then, disruptions will continue. To those watching at home, if you care about your future and the future of those you love, then come join us, come to a talk and find out how you can be part of this.” said Tim Brazier, who was arrested on the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver on Wednesday and held in custody for 10 hours.

According to the group, people are expected to glue themselves on the main highway in Nanaimo — something protestors did outside an RBC Branch on Thursday as well.

Demonstrations from this group began back in January and to date, 54 arrests have been made in connection with their ongoing old-growth protests.

“We’re past signing petitions, writing letters and doing marches. The people in power have ignored these for decades. Unfortunately that isn’t enough, at this time we all need to be entering into civil resistance.” said Julia Torgerson, a spokesperson for Save Old Growth.

‘Save Old Growth,’ the campaign that is behind the protests, is an offshoot of the Extinction Rebellion, which is a civil resistance movement.


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