Nanaimo barber talks client through hair cut but doesn’t recommend it

Nanaimo barber talks client through hair cut but doesn't recommend it
WatchA client of a Nanaimo barber says his hair cut turned out goofy but he's hoping to help his barber by posting it.

If you been tempted to cut your own hair during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Clients have been asking their barbers or hairstylists for tips on colouring or giving themselves a hair cut for weeks as the pandemic has dragged on.

In Nanaimo, one barber walked his client through cutting his hair on Zoom but it didn’t turn out quite as he expected.

When Dave Lawrence agreed to walk his client through cutting his locks he had one condition.

“I need you to give me full control of this haircut. You’ll do exactly as I say?” asked Lawrence in the video before his client agreed.

Like most in the industry, it’s been six weeks since Lawrence shut and boarded up “That 50’s barbershop”.

“I’ve been a barber 20 years. I’ve never had this much time off before,” said Lawrence.

As the sole breadwinner, for his family of five, money has been tight.

“It’s not like I can enjoy it because I’m worried about money and about when I’ll be able to open again,” he said.

An advocate for the community, he’s given free haircuts to kids before school starts each year but Lawrence says this past year has been tough. He was broken into twice and after the second break-in and theft, he had three weeks before hair professionals were ordered to close.

“It’s part of the reason I had a lot of sympathy for Dave in this whole situation,” said Patrick Milford, his client.

“When you’re trying to dig yourself out of a hole and then you totally can’t work for who knows how long.”

Back to the haircut, Dave talked Milford through giving himself a magnificent mullet.

“That looks perfect Pat. I think that’s a great haircut,” said Lawrence in the video before Milford slumps forward in defeat.

“It’s a little goofy but I’m a rugby player we have some pretty goofy haircuts to start with,” said Milford before putting his hat back on.

Milford is posting it for a laugh, as part of a fundraiser for Lawrence and for those who may also be feeling desperate for a cut and need some direction during this pandemic.

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