Motorist taken to hospital after crashing into Oak Bay home

Motorist taken to hospital after crashing into Oak Bay home
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A vehicle crashed into a home on Although the motorist had no significant injuries, Oak Bay Fire Department says he was taken to hospital for further observation. 

A motorist was taken to hospital after crashing into a home in Oak Bay.

Firefighters with the Oak Bay Fire Department responded to reports of a vehicle into a home in the 2300-block of Bowker Avenue on Saturday (March 20) at around 7 p.m.

Gord Marshall, assistant chief with the department, told CHEK News the vehicle, a Toyota Corolla, was travelling north on Cadboro Bay Road when it left the roadway and struck the home.

“It was more a glancing blow into the house, there was some damage to the outside of the home and possibly cracked the foundation of the home, but no significant structural damage,” he said.

Marshall said the vehicle didn’t appear to be travelling at high speed when it struck the home.

“It wasn’t a head-on collision into the house,” he said. “It was more of glancing blow down the side … it wasn’t high speed and there was no extrication involved.”

The driver was out of the vehicle when emergency responders, including Oak Bay Police, arrived on the scene.

“He had no significant injuries but B.C. Ambulance did attend and transported him to hospital for further observation,” said Marshall.

Marshall said he wasn’t sure whether anyone was home at the time of the crash and isn’t sure about the cause. He also said he is glad no one was walking nearby when it happened.

“Luckily, there were no pedestrians in the area,” said Marshall.

Oak Bay Police are investigating.


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