Massive project in downtown Victoria waters moving onto barge

Massive project in downtown Victoria waters moving onto barge
WatchWhat has become a bit of a landmark in Victoria's waterways is now making its way to a new home. Point Hope Shipyard's stacker-reclaimer is being slowly nudged onto the Dynamic Beast barge.

The massive stacker-reclaimer project is leaving Victoria’s Point Hope Shipyard and boarding the Dynamic Beast floating barge and crane.

“It’s like watching paint dry. We’ve been at this since eight in the morning. Very slow methodical, well thought out and safe,” said David Bukovec, who is the general manager for the project from United Engineering Ltd.

The massive 1,000 tonne stacker-reclaimer has been built locally for 18 months. It, along with its 150-tonne tripper already on-board the barge, will head to the Neptune Terminal in North Vancouver to help move materials like coal.

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The last time the Dynamic Beast was in town, it was moving pieces of the Johnson Street Bridge.

On Monday, people gathered to watch the stacker-reclaimer project being move.

“The neighbours have taken ownership,” said Bukovec.

“They are excited. They are actually wanting us to tell them the schedule so they can be out here witnessing it.”

The Ralmax Group says the project brought in almost $25 million into the local economy, and involved over 50 local suppliers/businesses. It’s a project that usually would have been built in China but thanks to the waterfront access and manufacturing abilities, it happened here.

It will still take until Monday evening for it to be loaded on, then after a few days of making sure everything is secure, it leaves Victoria waters.

“It’s good too see it going out the door, it’s been a great project. We are always game [for another]. We’ve got some more Irons in the fire,” added Bukovec.

On Saturday, the giant manufacturing feat will float under a lifted Johnson Street Bridge.

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