Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau campaigns in Esquimalt

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau campaigns in Esquimalt

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau began his visit in Victoria with an interview at CBC Radio.

Next stop was Esquimalt’s Liberal campaign office where a crowded room of supporters greeted the Liberal Leader.

Trudeau pledged to help Canadians caring for a seriously ill family member.

“We know the challenges caring for loved ones. A Liberal government would introduce a more flexible and accessible employment insurance compassionate care benefit,” he said.

It’s clear by the swarm of people who came out to greet him, Trudeau has some support from Vancouver Islanders, but the Liberals lost their only seat in the region in 2011 after Keith Martin stepped down and political analysts say their chances of getting one back this time around are slim to none.

” Right now they are basically running third if not fourth on every single riding on Vancouver Island, in all seven ridings on Vancouver Island. The history of the Liberal Party, I mean they peaked 1968 with Trudeau mania in 1968 and from there it kind of went downhill,” said University of Victoria Political Scientist Michael Prince.

David Anderson was elected as a liberal MP for Esquimalt – Saanich in 1968 at the height of Trudeau mania.

“It was tremendously exciting, at whatever age I was 30, to be elected in that Trudeau sweep of 68. But there was also a feeling of tremendous responsibility,” Anderson said.

But Pierre Trudeau lost that connection with Vancouver Islanders and, in many ways, the liberals have not regained it.

“There was a sense that the west was not really high on the priority list or on the radar of the Trudeau Liberals in the 60s and 70s,” said Prince.

A full slate of Green candidates on Vancouver Island makes it even harder for the Liberals to gain ground.

Trudeau’s strong turnout in Victoria shows he has some support, but it may not be enough to win him any seats.

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