Scrap metal barge tips, dumping partial load into Victoria’s Selkirk Waterway

Scrap metal barge tips, dumping partial load into Victoria's Selkirk Waterway



A barge being loaded with scrap cars has tipped, dumping some of the wrecks into the Selkirk Waterway near the Bay Street Bridge.

The Seaspan barge was being loaded at Schnitzer Steel, adjacent to Jutland Road, when it became unstable and began to list.

Witnesses tell CHEK News they heard a large crash, followed by a splash, as dozens of cars were sent overboard. The barge then shifted again and more cars were thrown off the other side of the vessel.

Victoria Police, Fire and Ambulance Paramedics attended. But all workers are accounted for and there are no injuries.

Acting Harbour Master Carol Unwin says booms are in place around the barge, although no fuel was spilled.

Rob GermainRob Germain

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