‘It’s my little baby duck’: Nanaimo man forms unique friendship with duck

'It's my little baby duck': Nanaimo man forms unique friendship with duck
WatchA man and a duck have formed an unusual friendship in Nanaimo, that's turning heads and bringing smiles whereever they're seen. The two share a heartwarming bond, and unlikely as it is,

A man making loud quacking calls with his shiny black duck has captivated onlookers in Nanaimo this summer.

Khim Leng Khan and his duck Tiny are an unlikely duo, but their friendship seems to make perfect sense to them.

The Nanaimo man hatched “Tiny’, three months ago from an egg given to him by a local farmer.

Since then, he has matured fast from fluff to feathers and his swims in the family bathtub had to get a whole lot bigger too.

According to Kaing, Tiny imprinted on him from the moment that he came out of his egg.

“When he was hatching he only saw me there so I’m the dad and the mom both,” said Kaing.

Now, they can be found at low tide on Nanaimo beaches, or at Westwood Lake with Kaing hoping Tiny can live his best life in town.

“Yes I take him out for a swim, an hour, two hours and before he goes to bed, he has to have a bath first,” said Kaing.

Kaing said he has been afraid of dogs since a dog attacked him as a child in Thailand, so Tiny the duck fits the bill as perfect pet companion.

It’s become a bond almost as head-turning as Bruce the Goose, who CHEK News featured in 2002 after the Canada Goose fell in love with the outboard motor on Mike Cooke’s boat in Port Alberni.

“I’m not sure if he lost his mate and this took its place or how it works,” said Mike Cooke in July 2002.

The goose and his black and white motor became inseparable, except for when Cooke would take his boat out.

“He doesn’t go more than 100 feet from that boat at any given time,” said Cooke.

Tiny the duck appears to have met his match too. An unexpected friendship that suits the two companions just fine, making Tiny one lucky duck.

“He’s really happy,” said Khim Leng Kaing, a Nanaimo resident. “It’s my little baby duck.”

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