High school grads from Stelly’s Secondary School honoured for helping a classmate scale new heights

High school grads from Stelly's Secondary School honoured for helping a classmate scale new heights

WATCH: It started with a dream. In May of 2016, a group of Stelly’s Secondary School students took on the challenge to help their fellow classmate, who has cerebral palsy, climb Vancouver Island’s sixth highest peak. In the end, they didn’t make it all the way to the top. But the journey changed their lives. Mary Griffin reports.

Graduates from Stelly’s Secondary were honoured Thursday night for helping make sure a classmate joined them in reaching new heights.

In May 2016, the group including Ottalie Garvin took part in a trip to Mount Albert Edward, the sixth highest peak on Vancouver Island.

Ottalie has cerebral palsy and a number of other health challenges so her classmates came up with a way to allow her to make the journey.

With the help of a special sled, together they helped carry Ottalie up the mountain.

Being a part of one of Stelly‘s outdoor pursuits trips was a dream of hers and they helped make it possible with their support.

On Thursday, they returned to the school  to receive an award in recognition of that effort.

“It was like reaching the sky for the first time,” Ottalie said after the reunion.

“I can honestly feel no more powerful then I did right then.”

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