Mount Washington opens early with two metres of snow

Mount Washington opens early with two metres of snow

WATCH: The rains that smashed records at sea level in November have fallen as snow on Mount Washington and led the Comox Valley mountain to open up today a week earlier than expected. Seasoned skiers and boarders say its the best snow they’ve seen in decades. Skye Ryan has more. 

A homecoming was underway Friday on snowy Mount Washington, that Mick Maxted watched with pride.

“This is the best day in 40 years,” said the 67-year-old season pass holder looking on at the crowds.

It was opening day on Mount Washington on Friday and that means seeing faces he’s watched grow up in his 40 years skiing here. He also gets the chance to watch new babies and the characters like Joni Stoyles breaking out his vintage 1994 boarding outfit to show kids what cool used to look like.

“”Totally rad,” Stoyles said while showing off his board.

“Every year for the last few years now I come up on the first day and I wonder am I going to be able to do it this year? Am I going to be able to do it?” Maxted said. “And after the first run, I know that I’m ready for the rest of the year now.”

Jim Gallagher was also on the mountain with his four boys who he’s been skiing with since they were babies They were reuniting for a day on the slopes that none of them would miss.

“Oh it’s the best,” said Gallagher.

“It’s great,” say his sons, one hugging Gallagher. “It’s amazing. We love you Dad,” he said.

Another family was also celebrating the early opening.

“It’s opening day, it’s opening day,” sang a happy Jessica Erickson with her two young girls who were busting to get their first run in.

“I’m excited to start snowboarding,” said Marisa Erickson.

“The powder is waiting for the Erickson’s,” cheered her 8-year-old sister Alexa Erickson.

There hasn’t been an opening this early in years at Mount Washington and comes courtesy of two metres of new snowfall.

“It’s like when you’re a child and you’re just anxious to do something and you can barely sit still,” said Mount Washington Alpine Resort’s Sheila Rivers. “That’s kind of the vibe that most of our skiers and boarders have here.”

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