Goats and ghouls: Quadra Island RCMP give all clear after 2 reports of screaming

Goats and ghouls: Quadra Island RCMP give all clear after 2 reports of screaming
An RCMP patch is seen on the shoulder of an assistant commissioner in Surrey, B.C., on Friday, April 28, 2023.

Echoing screams caused some concern for the quiet community of Quadra Island around Halloween, according to RCMP.

Police responded to two reports of someone screaming on Oct. 30 and Oct. 31 in separate areas of the Southern Gulf Island.

On Oct. 30, Mounties say they received a report of someone yelling “help, help” near a ravine.

The caller told police that someone may have fallen off a cliff, so police headed to the ravine to investigate.

“Further investigation revealed that the ‘help’ heard was actually a sad goat from a neighbouring goat farm,” said Quadra Island RCMP in a release Monday.

The officers were told that the goat recently had its babies removed and it was calling for them.

Mounties add that “officers did note on scene that the cries did sound similar to someone yelling for help.”

Halloween scares

The next day, on Oct. 31, the Quadra Island RCMP received another report of someone yelling.

This time, a concerned resident said they heard “screaming noises” coming from a bushy area in the Quadra Island Cemetery.

The caller said they were unsure if the screams meant someone was in pain or in need of help, but found the sound “somewhat unsettling.”

Mounties went to the cemetery and found two people in the bush area.

“Both people were cooperative with officers and advised the screaming was because one of them had lost their scarf,” said RCMP on Monday.

“Officers observed that neither party were in distress and there were no signs of ghosts or ghouls and departed soon after.”


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