Cowichan Valley teachers disciplined for incidents involving hot tub, alcohol

Cowichan Valley teachers disciplined for incidents involving hot tub, alcohol

Brad Skene (right) and Alanna Skene (left), who are both teachers in the Cowichan Valley School District, have been disciplined and reprimanded for inappropriate activities involving former students. Credit: Cowichan Valley Citizen

A couple who are both teachers in the Cowichan Valley School District has been disciplined for what is being called inappropriate activities with former students.

Brad and Alanna Skene were disciplined and reprimanded by the British Columbia Commissioner for Teacher Regulation after complaints were made to the commissioner in April 2015.

Legal documents in the husband’s case said in or around February 2010 Skene “engaged in inappropriate conduct” with a former female student and rugby player. Skene had taught the female student and coached her on a school sports team. The former student was 19 at the time and had graduated two years before.

After a sports event one night, the student, Skene and some others went to the residence of another coach, the documents said. While they were there, the former student spent time in a hot tub alone. As it was late when they got out of the hot tub and they had been drinking alcohol, they decided to stay overnight at the residence. The two lay down in the same bed, both fully dressed, according to the documents.

While they were lying in the bed, Skene “spooned” and hugged the former student by lying behind her with his body touching hers. The former student left the bedroom and walked home alone in the early hours of the morning. The documents said the Brad emailed the student the next day and apologized to her.

In December 2013 and June 2014, Skene, along with his wife, hosted two social gatherings for former students at their house. During the 2013 incident, Skene provided alcohol to former students who were under the age of 19 and in the 2014 incident, he permitted a former student who was 18-years-old to consume alcohol provided by her father.

The conduct during the incidents is contrary to Standard 2 of the Standards for the Education, Competence and Professional Conduct of Educators in British Columbia.

Brad Skene was sent a letter of discipline by the school district in May 2015 for the activities that took place in his house. Alanna Skene was also sent a letter of discipline for those activities.

The Commissioner for Teacher Regulation considered the matter in May 2017 and determined to propose a consent resolution agreement to Brad Skene. He was reprimanded and must complete a course on reinforcing respectful professional boundaries.

Alanna Skene was also disciplined and reprimanded by the Commissioner for the events that took place in 2013 to 2014.

The teachers were contacted and both have declined to comment on the matter.

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