Chemainus brewery releasing special sour beer created during windstorm

Chemainus brewery releasing special sour beer created during windstorm

Riot Brewing in Chemainus (Riot Brewing Company).

Riot Brewing in Chemainus (Riot Brewing Company).

It’s the most wonderful time for a beer.

Riot Brewing Company in Chemainus has announced that they are releasing the Sour Outage Passionfruit Plum Dark Sour, which was made following the Dec. 20, 2018, windstorm that left more than 750,000 houses and businesses without power.

The company said when the wind started blowing that morning, they had no idea “it would be the beginning of the darkest period in Riot Brewing Co.’s history – literally.”

“Midway through both canning and brewing, the power went out and the storm strengthened, knocking down trees, blocking roads, and destroying patio furniture, during one of the busiest beer seasons of the year,” Riot Brewing Company said in a release.

The brewery was without power for more than 80 hours. But while they were in the dark, the brewers waited for their beer to hit the right temperature and added lactobacillus to get the souring process started.

“Two weeks later and this improvised concoction of malts and delicious fruits is one of the happiest accidents to come out of these tanks,” the company said.

The company said it is experiencing significant financial loss due to limited brewery hours, road closures, delivery difficulties and cancelled holiday parties during the storm. It is now asking anyone ordering for a bar or restaurant to get a keg or two of Sour Outage and for anyone who stocks a liquor store to consider putting cases on their shelves. And for fans of craft beer, Riot Brewing Company recommends picking up a bottle at a local shop.

The company ended their announcement with a poem:

Twas five nights before Christmas
When all through the trees
The wind came a-whistling
Like the gods had a sneeze
The power lines fell
Though the beer was pre-boil
But the brewery workers

Would not let it spoil
They pitched lots of lacto
And hoped for the best
That this tart funky beer
Would pass the taste test
O sour! O fruity! O malty and hops!

We love this weird beer
From the bottom to tops
And so this new year
Would you please help us out
By buying a keg (or case)
Please give us a shout

Sour Outage

Most of you are aware of the brutal wind storm the coast endured just before Christmas but, did you know Chemainus and the rest of the Cowichan Valley was deemed as one of the hardest hit communities. In insurance speak "it was catastrophic"! Not only did we have to close our doors for four of the busiest days of the year we were in the middle of a brew when we lost power!We did what we could, and wrote a poem to tell you all about it.

Posted by Riot Brewing Co. on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Sour Outage Passionfruit Plum Dark Sour will be available by the end of January 2019.







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