‘Definitely very frightening’: CHEK News reporter describes chaos in Las Vegas following mass shooting

'Definitely very frightening': CHEK News reporter describes chaos in Las Vegas following mass shooting

The Las Vegas Strip on lockdown following the mass shooting Sunday night.

A CHEK News reporter who was eating at a restaurant in Las Vegas Sunday night described the chaos and confusion when she learned about the mass shooting.

Ceilidh Millar and her family were staying at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, which is near the Mandalay Bay Resort and the concert venue. However, when the shooting started at around 10:08 p.m. Sunday, they were at Caesars Palace.

“We were just leaving the mall of Ceasars Palace when one of the employees was saying ‘you aren’t going out to the Strip are you?’ Millar said.

“And we said yes, we’re going back to our hotel.”

WATCH: CHEK News reporter Ceilidh Millar describes a confusing and chaotic scene away from the Strip during the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

The employee told Millar and her family that there had been a shooting and people were being told to avoid the Strip.

“We weren’t really sure what was going on but once we got outside, it was a nightmare trying to find somewhere to go. We were literally travelling from hotel to restaurant. No one would let us into any of the buildings because they were all on lockdown,” Millar said.

“People were quite frantic, weren’t sure what to do, my family included. We were just hoping that someone would let us in.”

They couldn’t find anywhere on the Strip so they took a taxi to a hotel in another area a couple of hours later.

“Definitely very frighting. It was very chaotic. There was multiple people saying different things, different reports. We didn’t know what was true. We were trying to stay updated on our phones,” Millar said.

She said her family tried to stay off the sidewalk after they heard about the shooting near the road because people were telling different stories.

“At one point, we were all running,” Millar said.

“We saw people running in our direction, probably hundreds of people running in our direction. Someone had said there was a shooter with a gun, a woman, and so we were running with them but we found out this morning that there was just a lone shooter that acted in this attack.”

Millar’s family ended up outside The Mirage for about an hour with other couples.

“We were really frightened,” Millar said, adding that they felt stranded.

“You see this type of thing happening on TV but to actually be amongst the chaos and we really were unsure about what was happening. We honestly didn’t know what to do. We kept travelling from hotel to hotel.”

WATCH: CHEK News reporter Ceilidh Millar describes the aftermath mass shooting in Las Vegas, including people lining up to donate blood at her hotel.

Millar said there is a clinic that has been set up at her current Las Vegas hotel and on Monday morning there was an hour-and-half wait for people waiting to donate.

Millar, who is on vacation, is staying in Las Vegas until Tuesday afternoon and her family will go back to their original hotel today.

“We are just thankful that we are safe and feel very sorry for all the victims that died last night,” Millar said.

Victoria police chief Del Manak was in the Mandalay Bay complex during the Las Vegas shooting. He and his family were not injured.

Police in Victoria tweeted his statement. Manak said he has “respect and admiration” for the  Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and commended their professionalism and courage.

“I take comfort knowing the women and men who serve in law enforcement are trained and ready to respond when the worst occurs.”

The chief of Mill Bay Fire Rescue, Ron Beck, was also in Las Vegas with his wife for his birthday, a block away from the shooting. Mill Bay Fire Rescue said they are both fine.

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