Cassie Sharpe takes victory lap with fans atop Mount Washington


WATCH: A hero’s welcome greeted Olympic gold medalist and Comox Valley golden girl Cassie Sharpe Saturday, as she returned to her home mountain after a stunning victory in Pyeongchang. The 25-year-old halfpipe star learned to ski on there, so she shared the gold medal and a victory lap with some of her cheering supporters. Skye Ryan reports.

Carrying a Canadian flag and a mountain of support Cassie Sharpe beamed with pride Saturday.

She returned to Mount Washington to share her gold medal, and thrill it carries with it, with the thousands who helped cheer her on from afar.

“I mean it’s been humbling there’s no other word for it,” said Sharpe, a Comox Valley native. “The support, the love having all these people here for me is just insane but it’s really nice to bring it home. Bring the gold home.”

Little girls watched in awe as the now global superstar signed their helmets, posed for photos with them and urged them to set their sights high.

“So cool yeah. She’s just so amazing,” said fan Sonya Reynolds.

“She’s really kind and so inspiring. It’s really nice to have an inspiring female role model,” said fan Olive Goddard.

After all, she told them, look at her.

It wasn’t so long ago the 25-year-old walked in their same sized ski boots on this hill, and rode that same chairlift that eventually took her to the top of the world’s ski rankings.

“So many memories,” said Cassie’s mother Chantal Sharpe. “So many and amazing ones of course.”

This hero’s homecoming is another memory high among them.

All for a Comox Valley girl who loved to ski and has never forgotten where she came from.

Skye RyanSkye Ryan

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