Car doing donuts damages 3 Campbell River parks

Car doing donuts damages 3 Campbell River parks
Campbell River RCMP
Tire tracks can be seen in the grass area of Ruby Park

RCMP are looking for a suspect, after three parks in Campbell River were damaged by a car that was doing donuts in their grass areas this weekend.

Police say they were made aware of a vehicle doing donuts in Cantebury Neighbourhood Park during the night of December 29.

Officers were unable to find the car, and the next day police were advised by the City of Campbell River Parks staff that three parks had suffered damage to their grass areas.

Ruby Park and Dick Murphy Park also suffered significant damage.

“Perhaps they aren’t aware of the thousands of dollars of labour it costs the city and it’s taxpayers to repair these green spaces, but they clearly need to made aware,” said Campbell River RCMP’s Cst Maury Tyre in a statement.

“An individual that willfully chooses to damage public property needs to be held to account for their behaviour.”

Police are asking anyone who may know about the incidents to contact them at 250-286-6221 or Crimestoppers.

In Central Saanich, teens that were joyriding on Saturday badly damaged a farm’s hayfield. The teens responsible were caught.

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