Canadian Blood Services calls for donors, makes masks optional in clinics

Canadian Blood Services calls for donors, makes masks optional in clinics
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Canadian Blood Services says 100,000 new donors are needed in Canada this year to keep up with demand.

Canadian Blood Services is putting a call out for donors for clinics ahead of the August long weekend, a day after changing to masks being optional in donor clinics.

In a release, Canadian Blood Services says there are 500 appointments to be filled between July 29 and Aug. 6.

“In June we reported that during the pandemic the number of regular donors had decreased by 31,000, resulting in the smallest donor base in a decade,” Canadian Blood Services said in a news release.

“When we asked the public for their support, they responded and made a difference. June 2022 was the third highest month for welcoming new donors since the start of the pandemic.”

This call for donors comes one day after the company announced masks will now be optional in blood donation clinics.

“We’ve determined it’s the right time to suspend some of our mandatory measures, such as masks and physical distancing,” Canadian Blood Services says on the COVID information section of its website.

“Although no longer required, masks are known to help curb the spread of COVID- 19 and are welcome in our environments and available to anyone who chooses to wear them. Everyone has their reasons for wearing or not wearing a mask. Please be respectful of their choice.”

The announcement online was met with mixed reactions. Many were upset with the change in policy.

Others welcomed the change.

“Finally I know many people that will go back to donating because of this change,” said Vanessa Kehler on Facebook.

“I for one, will not be altering my upcoming appointment because of this change,” said Nicolas Roome on Facebook.

“Masks as a requirement were never going to be here forever especially given how ‘minor’ Covid is now and has been for a good while. Sure cases are on the rise.. its basically the flu now for the vast majority of people who will get it. Doesn’t make sense to continue mandate something like this IMO.”

“Bout time,” said Darren Zbitnew on Facebook. “My mask exemption has prohibited me from donating for the past 2yrs.”

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