Camosun College launches cannabis classes

Camosun College launches cannabis classes

The course “Growing Cannabis for Professionals” will run this summer, with no pre-requisites required. File photo.

Camosun College is now offering a class for students interested in the emerging cannabis industry.

With recreational cannabis legalization around the corner and the medical cannabis industry now maturing, the college is looking provide an educational foundation for those entering the budding industry.

The course “Growing Cannabis for Professionals” will run May 7-June 15 with no pre-requisites required. The college says the course is an important starting point for people looking to participate in the competitive cannabis marketplace.

“This introductory course will provide students with an overview of the skills required to cultivate cannabis and introduce them to the industrial production protocols that are necessary under the current regulations,” says instructor Travis Lane.

Lane has a wide range of industry experience and connections: he’s a local, organic, living-soil-based cannabis cultivator and is also a founding director of the B.C. Independent Cannabis Association.

Vancouver Island is a currently a hotbed for the medical cannabis industry. B.C. currently has 22 licensed producers of medical cannabis, with five of the major players here on the Island.

There are currently 22 licensed producers of medical cannabis B.C. (Health Canada)

There are currently 22 licensed producers of medical cannabis B.C. (Health Canada)

But are there jobs in the cannabis industry available for graduates of the class?

Jumping into a quick online job search, there are numerous companies looking for employees in a wide range of roles from supply chain management, human resources, quality assurance, growing, irrigation and more. 

A quick job search using keywords Victoria and cannabis yields many companies seeking a
wide range in jobs.(Indeed)

According to the college, graduating students have something to look forward to, industry salaries for professional positions range from $40,000 – $100,000 or more. And as we make our way towards recreational regulation, the industry is gearing up for an even higher wave of demand.

Valerie Montague, continuing education program co-ordinator at Camosun College, thinks this course would help give students a leg up on the rest.

“In-depth knowledge of how quality product is grown in the highly regulated environment of licensed producers will help Camosun graduates set themselves apart from those without formal training,” said Montague.


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