Boulder rolls into side of Langford womans house in ‘freak’ construction accident


WATCH: A scary moment for a Langford woman who describes the moment yesterday morning when a boulder from a neighboring construction site slammed into the side of her house. Luisa Alvarez has the details. 

The door on Julie Mcdonalds house is stiff to open since the frame of her house shifted. And it’s not the only damage the side of her house has a big hole after a giant boulder from the construction site next door slammed into the side of her house.

” I was in bed in that room right there in that window and I heard a huge bang,” Mcdonald said as described the terrifying ordeal. ” I got up looked out my window to see this big boulder so then I came outside to see the damage,” when she went inside Mcdonald says her eight-year-old daughter’s bedroom wall was severely damaged.

” Her whole bed had been thrown pictures were off the wall it was extremely damaged and I got emotional just thinking thank god she wasn’t in there,” said Mcdonald.

She says the whole experience has been very traumatic.

“I feel like I’m living in fear and that’s not my nature I’m not a scared person.”

While her Landlord with Brown Bro’s have been very helpful Mcdonald says she’s frustrated
with the construction company.

” There hasn’t really been much conversation or much concern there wasn’t like oh I’m really sorry this happened or an apology they knocked on the door to make sure we were okay and that I was okay and then wanted to take pictures,” said Mcdonald.

Especially since she says it’s not the first time its happened. According to Mcdonald  Vimex construction is the same company that dropped a big rock while building another boulder wall across from her house.

” I want to make sure and want to know that this inst going to happen again to us or anyone for that matter like there should be laws in place and safety measures so this stuff doesn’t happen and I don’t even understand how it did,” said Mcdonald.

And Mcdonald says the stories have been a bit conflicting. First, she was told the boulder rolled from all the way at the top of a hill and the momentum was why it hit her house so hard. ” But then they’re also talking about not moving rocks so close to the house? So it’s not really clear to me what fully happened,” said Mcdonald.

CHEK News spoke to the sites general superintendent Geoff Eng on the phone but he was reluctant to comment on the situation only saying ” it was a freak accident there’s really nothing we can do to prevent something like that,” said Eng.

A response that was anything but reassuring for Mcdonald to hear.

” A freak accident happens and you fix it and you find a solution, so to hear that they cant prevent this from happening again is unacceptable like what if this was his family ?” said Mcdonald.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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