Bonded Flemish Giant rabbit sisters in Nanaimo among long-term SPCA residents seeking home

Bonded Flemish Giant rabbit sisters in Nanaimo among long-term SPCA residents seeking home
Rabbit sisters Rocky and Pixel are pictured.

A pair of large, fluffy rabbit sisters in Nanaimo are among long-term BC SPCA residents who are seeking a home this holiday season.

Rocky and Pixel, who are a mix of Lionhead and Flemish Giant rabbits, are described as smart and cuddly pets.

“These affectionate girls enjoy climbing onto laps and cuddling up for cozy moments,” said the SPCA in a release Tuesday. “They find comfort and security in your presence and will happily snuggle by your side.”

The SPCA adds that the rabbit pair in Nanaimo are quick learners who enjoy playing games that stimulate their minds.

They also like playing with cardboard boxes and are incredibly tidy with their bathroom habits, says the organization.

“Rocky and Pixel have impeccable litter habits and are fully litter-trained,” said the SPCA. “They are conscientious about using their designated area and take pride in keeping their living space clean.”

Anyone interested in the rabbits should know they are a bonded pair. The SPCA says they groom each other regularly “to keep each other looking their best” and that their mutual affection “will melt your heart.”

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Rocky and Pixel are just one of many long-term residents at BC SPCA centres across the province.

At roughly a year old, the pair have already been living at SPCA facilities or with fosters for more than 267 days.

“We believe that every animal can find their forever home, it just takes a little longer to find the perfect match for some of them,” said Adrienne McBride, senior director, community animal centres in a statement.

McBride adds that the SPCA is in touch with a range of volunteers to make sure long-term residents remain at their best until they are adopted into forever homes.

“We want to keep animals mentally and physically strong as they wait to be adopted, so there are some fabulous fosters who will take on our long-term residents to give them a loving home environment,” she said.

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