Kittens abandoned in carboard box in front of Victoria BC SPCA

Kittens abandoned in carboard box in front of Victoria BC SPCA
Photo supplied by BC SPCA
Five kittens were abandoned in front of the Victoria BC SPCA animal centre.

A box full of four-week old kittens was left out front of the Victoria BC SPCA animal centre doors.

The kittens were found by a staff member just minutes after being abandoned on Dec. 1., based on security camera footage.

The person who left them and the person’s vehicle was out of frame.

“The staff member could hear mewing and opened the box to see five beautiful kittens, two orange tabbies, a flame point, a calico and a black and white runt,” said Emma Hamill, manager of the BC SPCA’s Victoria animal centre. “Thankfully, they were all healthy but too young to be away from their mom.”

The kittens were syringe fed kitten milk replacement every four hours.

They eventually started eating wet food on their own, but will continue to need syringe feeding until they are about eight-weeks-old and can eat all they need on their own.

Hamill said the kittens were very interested in people from the minute they were brought out of the box, climbing all over the staff and snuggling up for attention.

“Sadly, they were looking for mom, mewing the whole day while we waited to get them into a foster home,” she said.

The kittens are currently staying in BC SPCA foster homes until they are ready to be adopted.

Being separated their from mom so early, they are still getting the hang of litter box training and other things their mom would have taught them.

“We have been getting updates from the fosters and apparently the calico we named Comfort has a lot of personality. She likes to boss her siblings around and doesn’t hesitate to vocalize her needs,” Hamill explained.

“Stuart Little, the flame point has a very sweet personality and Bobbin, the runt of the litter, is slowly catching up to her siblings and will also be a beautiful and sweet cat.”

The kittens will be available for adoption in two weeks.

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