BC CDC warns of measles outbreak in Washington State

BC CDC warns of measles outbreak in Washington State

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The B.C. Centre for Disease Control is warning the public after measles outbreaks in areas of Washington State in the U.S.

The centre says those travelling to affected communities are at potential risk of exposure to measles, as people with the highly contagious disease can infect others prior to the onset of symptoms like fever and rash.

The centre adds that while it is expected that most travellers will be immune to measles, some individuals will be susceptible, including infants less than one-year-old or people who have never been immunized against measles.

Although, no cases have yet been reported in B.C. related to the outbreak.

Washington’s state Govoner declared a state of emergency following a measles outbreak unfolding in Clark County on January 25.

Thirty confirmed cases have been reported in Clark, while one has been reported in King County.

Clark County in Washington is just north of Portland, Oregon. King County includes Seattle and some areas east of the city.

British Columbians are urged to review their immunization records. The CDC says in the province children receive two doses of measles-containing vaccine during routine immunization.

The province experiences a few cases of measles each year, usually from under-vaccinated travellers returning from parts of the world where measles is still common.

There were a total of six cases in the province in 2018, and only one thus far in 2019 from a traveller returning from the Phillipines.

More information about measles can be found here. Information about the vaccine and how to get immunized can be found here

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