Another human foot washes up on the West Coast

Another human foot washes up on the West Coast

A man has died after a surfing accident at Long Beach near Tofino on Feb. 10.

Another human foot washes up near B.C. coastline. The latest foot was found near Everett, Washington on January 1, 2019.


Another human foot has washed up near B.C.’s coastline.

Everett’s Major Crime detectives are investigating after the discovery of a human foot was on Jetty Island, a small man-made Island owned by the Port of Everett in Washington state.

Just after 2 p.m. on New Years Day, beachgoers stumbled across a boot with a foot inside.

Officers responded and confirmed the findings, saying based on the condition, the boot appears to have been in the water for some time.

Police are investigating, but at this time, can’t establish a definitive timeline. A medical examiner’s office in Snohomish is working to identify the human remains.

Dismembered feet have been showing up on Vancouver Island, the Southern Gulf Island and Vancouver beaches for over a decade.

The last washed up in May of 2018 when a man walking a beach on Gabriola Island discovered a foot inside a hiking boot lodged in a logjam.

On B.C.’s coastline, a total of 14 feet have washed up since 2007. Of those feet, 10 of them were linked to seven people who died by suicide or by accident.

Officials have not offered an explanation as to why the feet keep showing up on the B.C. coast, although the coroner’s service says that foul play was not involved in the first 12 feet.


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