Another hot spell as record-breaking summer comes to an end


Vancouver Island is in the midst of another hot spell as a record-breaking summer comes to an end. Calvin To has more on how the weather is affecting people.

The summer of 2017 was a record-breaking season.

According to Environment Canada, Victoria experienced the third warmest August on record this summer. On Sept. 3, among other days, Victoria also set a daily temperature record.

The hot weather is making an impact on people and businesses across the island.

At Mount Doug Springs and The Ultimate Water Store, owner Wes Treleavens has been working overtime to meet the increased demand. Normally, they go through 1,500 bottles a week. But over the past four weeks, they’ve either refilled or delivered 2,000 bottles.

“That’s why I’m here on Monday, a statutory holiday, to try and catch up,” Treleavens said. “I’m putting in a 12 hour day today and Thursday and Friday were 14 hour days.”

At The Westin Bear Mountain, they’ve had to add more staffing hours to keep the golf course green.

“With these kinds of conditions, you have to get out there and hand water what we call these hot spots quite a bit. Greens, tees and a little bit on the fairways,” said golf operations manager Doug Hastie.

The weather is also causing concern over fires. Officials say the last major wildfire on the island was in Metchosin this July. That blaze destroyed a house before it was put out.

Still, this season has been keeping firefighters busy with smaller fires.

“We had an incident last night where a car driving down the road had a few sparks come off,” said Langford fire chief Chris Aubrey. “But it actually started a fire down the roadway.”

Environment Canada’s special weather statement is still in effect. Meteorologists say the hot temperatures will last until at least Wednesday, though smoke from wildfires in the Interior could be a wildcard.

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