‘A beautiful person’: Indigenous woman murdered in Saanich double homicide remembered by mother

'A beautiful person': Indigenous woman murdered in Saanich double homicide remembered by mother
WatchA mother is mourning the loss of her only daughter and the second victim of the double homicide in Saanich has been identified by family. Kori Sidaway has more.

The second victim in a double homicide in Saanich near Uptown Shopping Centre has been identified by family.

Family have identified Billy Bradshaw as the second victim of Wednesday’s homicides to CHEK News after Stephanie Carmen Jade Elk (who goes by Jade) was identified on Thursday.

Bradshaw and Elk’s family says that Bradshaw, Elk and Cathcart were all unhoused and that Elk and Cathcart were living in a tent outside a veterinarian clinic.

Elk’s boyfriend Christopher Cathcart has been charged in her homicide with second-degree murder.

“It’s just hard to accept a person can do that to her. Especially her boyfriend. I can’t wrap my head around that,” said Judy Elk, Jade’s mother who is Dakota Sioux and a master beader.

Cathcart had his second procedural appearance in court late Friday afternoon. There is a publication ban on the bail hearing. Saanich Police have yet to charge anyone in connection to the second homicide.

Judy says the last 15 years have been tough for Jade who has been struggling with addiction.

“She’s a beautiful person inside and out. She’s so forgiving and helpful. All the good qualities in life, until that thing: alcohol, that’s all I knew. I don’t know if she was doing drugs,” said Judy.

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Jade grew up in Brandon, Manitoba then Winnipeg, before moving to Victoria.

“She was a beautiful girl, baby. I can just see her growing up. She was doing good in school and all that,” said Judy. “Little by little. It always starts little by little. Going out and parties.”

Now, all that’s left are her pictures and two young daughters aged 16 and 3. Judy has care of both of them, and says Thursday night the youngest was asking for her.

“I don’t know how to explain to a little one. The older one I think understands now. And so she just didn’t say too much about it,” said Judy.

A candlelight vigil will be held next week in Saanich where Jade died. Her family plans to take Jade’s body back to Manitoba.

Cathcart, who also goes by the alias Christian Douglas Bird, had his first court appearance on Friday and has not been charged in relation to the death of the other individual, who has not been publicly identified by law enforcement.

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