$6,000 raised by community to help dog abandoned at Sooke potholes last year


WATCH: The Australian mastiff that was abandoned at the Sooke potholes last year needs a $6,000 surgery after tearing a ligament in her leg last month. It’s a financial burden her new owner couldn’t bear alone. Luisa Alvarez has the story.

CHEK News first told you about Kitty, the four-year-old Australian mastiff last year, after she was abandoned in a parking lot at the Sooke Potholes.

Coltyn Wallin was there that day and witnessed the sad ordeal but luckily for Kitty, who is now renamed Lucky, Wallin adopted her and its been bliss ever since.

“She loves running around, she loves swimming and going to lakes, she loves when I take her camping in my jeep in the Sooke hills,” said Wallin.

The dog’s luck has been tested recently and those are all things she can no longer do. While running around, Lucky fell weird and now limps after tearing a ligament in her knee.

“She can’t do stairs she can’t really do anything she can’t jump up, she can’t run around and do her dog things she’s pretty much confined to a small space,” said Wallin.

To make things even worse the TPLO  (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) surgery Lucky needs costs a whopping $6,000.

“The surgery requires a plate and pins and they re-level her knee to her femur, so it helps re-enforce her knee,” said Wallin.

But $6,000 for the surgery is money Coltyn on his own didn’t have.

But for a dog that’s been through what Lucky has and is still even in pain, her spirit remains intact. The community rallied behind her and in just 14 days, raised the money through a GoFundMe campaign. 

“It’s so much stress off my shoulders and wondering how am I going to come up with the money, its a lot of money but there is a lot of good people out there that love animals,” said Wallin.

Although, Wallin says the six-thousand dollars will just cover the surgery and not any of the costs that come after.

The surgery is booked but, Lucky is looking at a long six-month road ahead for a full recovery.


Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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