Witness says dashcam footage shows BC Transit bus driving dangerously

WatchA witness sent dashcam footage to CHEK News that they say shows a BC Transit bus driving dangerously

A witness says dashcam footage they sent to CHEK News shows a BC Transit bus driving dangerously in Sooke.

At the beginning of the video, the bus is just visible near the centre of the frame as the witness driver travels eastbound on Sooke Rd.

The bus, heading westbound, pulls over to the right, then attempts a U-turn across the double solid yellow lines. However, the bus runs onto a Transit stop curb on the opposite side, and is unable to complete the turn.

It then reverses off the curb, now facing eastbound, before moving forward abruptly, cutting across two lanes of traffic and turning left up Phillips Rd as the signal above turns yellow.

In an emailed statement, BC Transit says they are investigating the complaint and as such cannot provide further details at this time.

“We expect our drivers and staff to obey the rules of the road and drive safely at all times,” BC Transit said in the statement. “If we receive a complaint about a driver we take it very seriously and investigate. Depending on the outcome of the investigation next steps may include human resource follow up and/or additional training. Drivers and staff are responsible for paying tickets and to notify us of a ticket is issued for a driving infraction.

“As always, we appreciate members of the public or customers letting us know if they have questions or comments about our service so we can follow up.”

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