Winter tires to soon be required on Malahat, most B.C. highways

Winter tires to soon be required on Malahat, most B.C. highways
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Though we may still be in the final days of summer, the requirement to have winter tires on vehicles to travel on most B.C. highways, including the Malahat, is drawing near.

Each year, starting on Oct. 1, drivers are required to have winter tires on their vehicles in order to travel on most B.C. highways.

In B.C., there are four types of tires that meet the winter tire requirements:

  • Studded winter
  • Winter-rated
  • All-weather
  • All-season

The first three can be identified by a symbol of a three-peaked mountain with a snowflake inside of it on the sidewall of the tire, while all-season tires will have M+S on the sidewall.

Studded-winter, winter-rated, and all-weather tires will have this symbol on the side to identify them. (BC Gov handout image)

All-season tires do not function as well as the other types in winter conditions, but the B.C. government says people on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland choose to use these types year-round due to the milder climate.

Winter tire requirements are in effect starting on Oct. 1 and last either until March 31 or April 30, depending on the region.

On Vancouver Island, all winter tire requirements are lifted on March 31.

The B.C. government says this requirement is enforced by police, and those not in compliance may be fined or turned away.

The fine for a passenger vehicle without winter tires is $121, for a commercial vehicle bypassing an active chain-up area the fine is $598, and for a commercial vehicle not carrying chains the fine is $196.

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