‘We’re all in this together’: Victoria brewery making face shields for emergency care workers fighting COVID-19

'We're all in this together': Victoria brewery making face shields for emergency care workers fighting COVID-19
Phillips Brewing and Malting Co / Facebook
Phillips Brewery is now making face shields for emergency workers during the global pandemic

Phillips Brewery usually makes beer.

But with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the brewery has added new items to its production line.

The Victoria-based business is using its Prusa Printers 3D printer to make face shields, which will be given to emergency workers battling COVID-19.

“They are a vital piece of equipment and unfortunately, there is a massive shortage of them worldwide,” said the company in a Facebook post on Saturday.

Phillips is encouraging others with access to a 3D printer to help out and produce face shields, while Prusa Printers has created a free face shield template that can be used by anyone with access to one of their printers.

In addition to creating face shields, Phillips is now using the alcohol byproduct from their distillery to create hand sanitizer.

The first batch is currently being produced and will be sent to emergency workers in the community.

“Our 1923 copper still Old George is working overtime right now to get as much sanitizer to all the hard-working front line emergency workers that are doing such an incredible job keeping our communities safe,” Phillips said.

The 3D printed pieces of the face masks / Phillips Brewing and Malting Co Facebook

Phillips is among a handful of distilleries in Victoria that are either partnering up with other local businesses to create hand sanitizer, or producing it themselves.

These are not the only changes the Victoria brewery has made since the pandemic began.

Phillips recently introduced a drive-thru system that allows customers to pick up beer without leaving their car. It’s all part of the brewery’s effort to increase the distance between shoppers and employees.

“It’s like your classic drive-in experience but with beer and public safety all rolled into one,” Phillips said in another Facebook post.

Phillips is also urging people to take social and physical distancing seriously as the coronavirus has infected more than 800 people in B.C.

“We hope everyone can do their part by social distancing, washing their hands regularly and staying at home! We’re all in this together,” they said.

Phillips distillers are creating hand sanitizer for front line workers / Phillips Brewing and Malting Co. Facebook



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