Wedding price tag for couples on Vancouver Island predicted to cost much more over next year

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The Good Party staff check over the inventory in their warehouse packed with wedding items in anticipation of a busy weekend.

When the province eased restrictions on events, that fueled demand for weddings.

“Even though things are booming right now, it’s not necessarily an easy boom. Because we don’t have all of the staff ready to go,” Owner Emma McCormick said.

The wedding industry struggled for 16 months during the pandemic with many couples cancelling or dramatically scaled back their weddings, leaving businesses that service weddings with no revenue or staff.

Now things have ramped up quickly and many companies are putting in overtime hours.

At Bespoke Blossoms staff are also prepping for a busy weekend with three wedding parties on the schedule.

“The volume of requests that we are getting for couples who are wanting to get married in 2021 and 2022 has absolutely skyrocketed in the past two weeks.”

During the pandemic, many growers around the world cut back the flowers they grew, leading to shortages and price hikes.

“We’re looking at anywhere from fifteen to 25 per cent increase, and to be honest, sometimes even a little bit more,” Lorel said.

It’s the same picture at the Bear and Joey Cafe, which transforms at night into a weddings and event venue.

Events manager Cheryl Williams said she receives 25 to 30 requests a week to book the restaurant, most for wedding receptions.

The restaurant industry is struggling with staffing shortages and food prices are on the rise.

On Vancouver Island, wedding venues have become tough to find and hard to book on short notice.

Williams said, however, couples are taking the added costs and inconveniences in stride.

“All the couples are very understanding. A lot of them have been through the wringer in the last year and a half. And they are tired. They just want to get married.”

The expectation is that the demand to tie the knot, with all the trimmings, will continue well into 2022.

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