‘We want justice’: Mothers of young couple murdered in Duncan appeal for an arrest

'We want justice': Mothers of young couple murdered in Duncan appeal for an arrest

Taking in a deep breath and linking arms for support Friday, Linda Williams and Lucia Delsanto did something together that was too painful to face alone.

“It’s because we are experiencing the same loss, she lost her daughter, and I lost my son,” Lucia Delsanto,  mother of Fran Shurie told CHEK News on Friday.

On Friday, the two mothers returned to Charles Hoey Park in Duncan, where their children, 29-year-old Nellie Williams and 37-year-old Fran Shurie, were murdered on Christmas Eve 2019.

According to the victims families, the couple, who had been together for 11 years, were living homeless on Duncan’s streets, and just hours from spending a Christmas breakfast with their children who were in care.

“They were excited to go meet their babies for Christmas morning,” said Nellie Williams, mother Linda Williams.

Instead, just hours before the meeting, the two were attacked as Shurie tried to retrieve his stolen cell phone. Adding to the tragedy is that the victims’ mothers were told by investigators that Williams died trying to save Shurie.

“She shielded Francois with her own body, she tried to protect him from those murderers,” said Delsanto.

“It’s very frustrating because they know who did it. They know exactly,” said Williams.

Yet, when RCMP presented evidence gathered in a four year long investigation, Crown counsel determined it wasn’t enough to charge. In a statement to CHEK News, Crown lawyer Anne Seymour wrote:

“The BC Prosecution Service can confirm that no charges were laid in this case. The prosecutor reviewed the file materials and concluded that the charge assessment standard was not met. In these circumstances, not laying charges is the appropriate course of action,” stated Seymour.


So, the victims’ mothers hope, that someone out there can help solve this case that’s going cold.

“I just wish those people who know any information [would come forward] to close this case,” said Williams.

“If you know who did it, please, please, please go speak to the police. We want justice,” said Delsanto.

A candlelight vigil is planned for 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve in Duncan’s Charles Hoey Park to mark the night that Williams and Shurie were murdered, and hopefully bring light to the case.

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